About the JoA

In 2015, a band of 14 merry men set out on a quest to ride across most of the great state of VA. Depending on who you ask, it is a ~200 mile journey over 2 days from Ivy, VA to Yorktown, VA. Seems hard, but it is really not all that bad. Social pace. We call it the Journey of Awesomeness, or JoA.

The JoA was founded in a spirit of:

These principles continue to guide our Journey.

The Support Crew led by Pipe and MacGyver has become a core part of the fabric of our ride.

We are thankful for Support and their shenanigans.

As we enter our 7th year, we are at a bit of a cool crossroads. Can or do the principles that this baby was founded on “scale”? Should we scale? I think we get to answer the question ourselves. Either way is great. We will have fun along the way.

We have grown from 15 to ~50 and we have raised over $700K for some great organizations. We ride out on Day 2 fully “kitted” up. We have grown up ever so slightly and look to continue the tradition in safe and meaningful ways for all.

There is an abundance of need for relationship, fitness, food, and water on this amazing planet that we get to knock around for a while. We have incorporated. We are a registered 501c3. We are committed to riding for clean water for our brothers/sisters in Africa and for our local brothers/sisters that need food. We believe that all are welcome, anything is possible, and nobody is perfect. Thanks for reading, thanks for thinking about how and if you care to “join” in whatever capacity. Reach out if you have questions.